Riding the bull home

Riding the bull home

« Mounting the bull, slowly I return homeward.
The voice of my flute intones through the evening.
Measuring with hand-beats the pulsating harmony, I direct the endless rhythm.
Whoever hears this melody will join me. »

Chan master Kakuan, excerpted from: The 10 Bulls of Zen

With the practice of a single pointed instruction within in a silent retreat environment, it is possible to settle in an authentic ‘me’ and even go beyond this ‘me’ so as to regain contact with our true nature. And this is the sole intend of these awareness Intensives. It is a radically different approach from the open to all courses proposed within the Warmhearted Approach. It no longer is about restructuring a fragile and hurt ‘me’, a necessary step on the way, but more to enter into self-enquiry, questioning our ideas and beliefs about who we are, about this ‘me’ that we so strongly identify with.
This approach is about experiencing inner freedom; freedom from whatever keeps us in bondage, in the illusion of having and doing. It is about being in one’s own energy, symbolized by the Bull, in a relaxed and trusting way together with a joy of being with the present moment. It is about restoring the connection with our true nature.
About Awareness Intensive will help you grasp the structure, the unfolding and the different components of the awareness intensive retreats.

Benefit of the intensive - what you will gain from participating
The sole purpose of the intensive is to support you in directly experiencing who you are. By participating you give yourself an opportunity to be who you are!
You will gain…
Being more conscious about who you are and what you are not
Self-confidence, strength and inner joy
Your ability to relate truthfully and to communicate clearly becomes more efficient
Moments of freedom, a silent heart and the joy of being in the present are certainly a common outcome to all participants

Is there any prerequisite?
Gaining emotional freedom with the courses proposed with A Warmhearted Approach will ease your participation together with a sincere determination and an honest desire to practice the proposed technique and follow the schedule and the agreements to the best of your abilities is all that is required.

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Words of their Experience

Michel - Brest - France

«On the 2nd day evening, I experience something incredible, suddenly I was a tremendous energy, difficult to describe but it felt much bigger than an atomic bomb explosion. I remember the facilitator being right there behind me, encouraging me to present this, but I was so 'under the shock' of the experience, that I could not really grasp what was happening, let alone 'think' of words to say. It was so new and so sudden, unexpected, out of the blue. It is only after some explanation from the facilitator and some 'digesting time' that I understood what it was. I was experiencing myself as pure energy, or may be better to say, experiencing the pure energy that I am. This experience took me aback and discarded all the beliefs that I had about not being strong, not having enough energy in my life.»

Vandan - Osaka - Japan

«First, thanks to the organizers Komalagita & Daso and to Prem Rakendra who guided us into the work and to all the participants. I was the only men in this group, and I do like to share my experience. During Koan, beginning I was trying to be a listener for my partner, but I realize that was not easy for me. I was feeling fear and somewhat ashamed to watch and to listen. I felt between listening and sharing has a deep gap on same reason. I couldn't share what I was feeling or what came up on my mind when I was listening. When I recognize this, at certain point, thoughts and feelings and observations are because of presence of someone's talking and presence of my listening. This realization released me. After this, I could have deep listening attitude as same time I could sense the surroundings the phenomenon that observable fact, and became easy to talk. I learned how to face myself by consciously watching on direction of attention. Back into the daily life, I am relaxing comparing before the group, also feeling of openness. I start noticing where I am now and not run away from it.»

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