A Warmhearted Approach

A Warmhearted Approach

Our nature is spontaneity; everything in our body mechanism and nervous system, is dynamic and geared to immediate, spontaneous response to the situation at hand; an adequacy to the present moment. And such lives the child before he is ‘educated’ and enter into ‘serioushood’, this endemic illness generated by adulthood.
Yet, and many have understood this, it is with play, nonseriousness, acceptance and care that a human being can blossom. Playing is essential to our brain development, just as it is to our emotional development and this is to be taken seriously!
The proposed courses are based on this approach. 

Pointers on the Way
Public Talk

Sharing aspects of the Way often helps understanding to take place and with understanding comes a possibility of clarity, insights or self-recognition. That is what these talks aim to bring.

Connecting with Our Inner Child
From Concept to Reality

Our adult behaviour patterns are for most of them, governed by the positives and negative experiences which have paved our childhood, thus shaping who and what we are today. Becoming aware of this and resume the connexion with the child that we once were is an important step towards blossoming and the return of fullness.

Cooling the Flames
Gaining Emotional Freedom

Transformation happens when we move from the head to the heart, from refusal to acceptance, when we stop living our life from the emotional and behaviour patterns that hinder us. Then our life regains fluidity, spontaneity and becomes creative and fulfilling.

Innocence Regained
Welcoming & Supporting our Inner Child

Unconsciously and by necessity, we have put a veil on our legitimate desires, thus losing contact with our innocence, with our laughers, with our joy and our truth. Being split has become our usual way of existing in life. Dissolving this feeling of separation and restoring our lost innocence is a vital step on the way towards oneself.

Opening to Intimacy
Letting Our Potentialities Flower

Our human life is based on one basic principle: Life energy; yet, for many reasons we are seldom aware of what this ‘life energy' is and the potentialities that it carries. For many people ‘life energy' is often reduced to sexual energy and this creates beliefs, taboos and abusive behaviours of all sorts.

Tuning Into Abundance
A New Way to Being in Life

The search for abundance is none other than a search for happiness, that everlasting happiness which we hope to fulfil with substitute like money, sex or power. We seek abundance as beggars, begging existence to give us this abundance, this happiness that we long for, unaware that we have the most valuable diamond in our pocket, unaware that we have it already and that we only need to tune into it.

The Inner Child Concept Unveiled
Deepening the understanding of the Inner Child concept

Whether you would like to learn how to facilitate the Embracing Our Inner Child process series or are already involved in facilitating other growth processes, this 2-day training introduction will help you clarify and understand more thoroughly the dynamic behind the concept as well as different aspects of the Inner Child work. These two days can also be a dedicated time for you to shade a light on and clarifying whatever is hindering you in pursuing your intentions.

The Freedom to be Oneself

As seen and experienced in ‘Cooling the Flames', anger is mainly turned towards something or others. In this second module we will look at anger in a different way and regain freedom by freeing ourselves from projected anger.