Embracing Our Inner Child

Embracing Our Inner Child

« Everything that veils our vitality is coming from outside of us,
and does not belong to us.
Consequently it is possible to free ourselves from it
and recover our original innocence. »

Timeless Teachings

Embracing Our Inner Child
A stream of three courses to regain our original innocence

Most people spend their life entangled in emotions and behaviour patterns that restrain them from living a happy and fulfilling life. Realizing this, many try to change their obsolete patterns by adopting new ones, more positive ones; yet not seeing that this is like patching up a water leak in a boat, it does not really work. It does not work because the root cause of their behaviour pattern is not seen, not taken into account.
Seldom do they become aware that their current emotions and behavior patterns are the outcome of how they lived their lives as a child, the way they were raised and treated as a child. And unless this is seen and understood for what it was, unless there is a reconnection with the child that we once were, so that unexpressed feelings and emotions can be expressed, no profound and durable change can take place.

Working with the ‘Inner Child’ concept is essential when we want to truly transform the emotional and behaviour patterns that hinder us so that we can regain this ‘peace of mind’ and the joy of living which we so much long for.
Yet this ‘peace of mind’ can only arise when the heart is at peace and this is the aim of this stream of courses: Embracing Our Inner Child which comprise of three different courses all geared towards a durable healing and transformation of our Inner Child wounded heart.

Step one with: Connecting with our Inner Child, is geared towards understanding, recognizing and expressing. Understanding what this work with the Inner Child is about and what it implies, so that this child in us, whose feelings, emotions and aliveness have been tempered with, can finally be recognized in its integrity and uprightness and that his feelings and emotions can be expressed unrestrained for what they are. This will give birth to a true and trusting connexion with our ‘Inner Child’.

Freed from the shame met during the first step: Cooling the Flames is more oriented towards recognizing and expressing what has been held back, the fears, the unspoken resentments, etc. Recognizing and being able to express openly these four main feelings and emotions that have a strong resonance in a child: Fear, Anger, Numbness and Shock, will enable regaining a rightful emotional freedom.

Developing from the two previous steps, this last step: Innocence Regained will focus on desire and refusal and more specifically on this deep inner longing for being loved that we all intrinsically carry. This will consolidate the reconnection with our Inner Child and bring it to its full potential of aliveness and creativity.