Being is the Way

Being is the Way

Living Our True Nature offers a stream of courses and individual sessions: ‘The Way’, all geared towards one single intention...

To Be is to Live - Being is the Way
Relaxed awareness
Key for a Transformed Life

… directly experiencing who we truly are, our true nature, what some traditions refer to as: The search for the Self; a state of being where clarity, love, joy, trust and contentment are its main attributes.
Although direct experiencing does not require any specific time or conditions to take place, it has been, found over the course of time, that those who are walking this path often need a reassuring and helping hand to awake to this relaxed awareness that they are and directly experience their True Nature in a here-now.
It is said that an ancient Taoist master was the first one to carve on wood the different steps of this path towards the ‘Self’. Known as: The 10 Ox Herding within the Chinese C’han tradition or as: The 10 Bulls of Zen in the more modern Japanese Zen tradition, he mapped the way for the seeker on his journey. Later, another Chinese Chan master, Kakuan added verses and commentary to these pictures, making them more clearly accessible and understandable for us.

The 10 Bulls of Zen

This search for the Self or said differently, directly experiencing who we are, goes necessarily via this ‘me’ which form our identity and to which we are identified. At the beginning of the journey, knowledge, beliefs and identifications as well as control and confusion are generally the first discoveries and obstacles that one encounters whilst travelling on the path. This gives birth, for mostly everyone, to a feeling of not-knowing, of crawling in the dark and feeling as if lost, thus the need for a method or a supportive hand in order to move forward.
Being this benevolent hand, acting as a temporary support on this journey from ‘me’ to ‘Self’ is precisely what Living Our True Nature is about.

Organized in a progressive stream fit for all, each course, each awareness intensive or individual session reflects a step on ‘The Way’ and gives an opportunity for the journeyer to understand his own functioning mechanisms, to accept them so as to let them dissolve in a natural way and consequently awaken to his authenticity. It is a work of integration as well as a dissolving of this ‘me’ to which we are used to be identified with. It is about melting away the veil of ignorance which covers our eyes in order to enter the reality of what is, in order to become individuals and awake to this relaxed awareness that we are.
This progressive stream of courses starts with A Warmhearted Approach to reconnect with, heal and support this incarnation that we are. It is an opportunity for everyone to walk the path towards oneself light-heartedly knowing that fear, anger, meanness, mistrust and control are all welcome, just as trust, openness, joy and letting-go are welcome and are all part of this existential play of what being alive is about.
It then moves on to An In-depth Approach with the Awareness Intensive retreats who are held within a residential and silent retreat setting to awake to the source of what we are.

And for those who would like a more personal interaction, Individual Sessions are an opportunity to share, expose or bring forth issues which call for clarification.

Bringing clarity and understanding to what we are in the present moment, these different courses, awareness intensive or individual sessions help us move at our own rhythm, from relative truth to deeper truth up to this ordinary lived experience of simply ‘Being’.

Contentment, Trust, Aliveness

« Barefooted and naked of breast, I mingle with the people of the world.
My clothes are ragged and dust-laden, and I am ever blissful.
I use no magic to extend my life;
Now, before me, the dead trees become alive. »

Chan master Kakuan, excerpted from: The 10 Bulls of Zen