An In-depth Approach

An In-depth Approach

As we’ve gained in spontaneity, in trust and in acceptance of oneself with the previous steps, we can now commit to a more in-depth approach. It is a discontinuity from what we think or believe we are in order to enter the reality of our true nature that is proposed here with the different Awareness Intensives retreats.

Awakening & Meditation
A Zest of Awakening

Open to those who have an interest for spirituality in general and in search of ways to access a more fulfilling life, this day will serve as a taster to understanding what awakening and meditation are and it will enable a smooth access to the path towards our True Nature.

A Zest of Self-enquiry
Awareness Event

The in-depth approach of the awareness intensive retreats requires a complete change of standpoint. A Zest of Self-enquiry enables a smooth access to the more intense and in-depth approach of the Awareness Intensive retreats. Open to those who have an interest for self-enquiry it will serve as a taster to the Awareness Intensive retreats.

Riding the bull home
Directly Experiencing Who you Are

Riding the bull home is a metaphor used within the Japanese Zen tradition to indicate that the practitioner is no longer lured by his mind and its compulsive thinking, by his identifications and beliefs. He is now established in an authentic ‘me' and can now commit to an approach that leads to the discovery of what is beyond this ‘me'.

Being & Living Love
3-day self-enquiry retreat

This 3-day awareness intensive Being and Living Love is an opportunity for those who wish to break free from their preconceived ideas, beliefs and creeds related to ‘love' and step in the experience of “being love”.

Being the Source
Be what you Are

The awareness intensive in its 7-day format is a unique opportunity, for those old or new, passionate with self-enquiry to enter more deeply into experiencing directly their true nature. It is also the opportunity to let go of pre-conceived ideas, beliefs or conditionings linked with a specific aspect of our personality, of the way our mind functions.

Awareness Intensive Training
Sharing your Passion!

Whether you would like to learn how to facilitate the awareness intensive process or are eager to strengthen your ability as a participant working with this method, this 12-day training will give you everything you need to achieve your goal. This training can also be an opportunity of personal growth by shading light and taking away obstacles that are hindering you in pursuing your intentions.