Connecting with Our Inner Child

Connecting with Our Inner Child

« Working with the Inner Child helps us cry the tears that we could not cry
so that we can laugh the laughs that we could not laugh. »

Dr Arthur Janov, excerpted from: The Primal Scream

Connecting with Our Inner Child, our first step of the Embracing Our Inner Child series, is geared towards understanding, recognizing and expressing.
Understanding what this work with the Inner Child is about and what it implies, so that this child in us whose feelings, emotions and aliveness have been tempered with, can finally be recognized in his integrity and uprightness and that his feelings and emotions can be expressed unrestrained for what they are.

Course content
In a simple and playful way, yet with a caring attention, we will move from an intellectual understanding of the ‘Inner Child’ concept to the reality of a sincere and loving connection with our Inner Child.

Day one → Understanding the Inner Child concept.
Talks, writing and sharing, added to different exercises will bring each participant to experience a personal and tangible connexion with the concept of the Inner Child.

Day two → The Vibrant and… Wounded Child
Exploring with playful structures will bring an understanding of his nature as well as giving voice to his inner world.

Day three → Restoring a True Connexion
Interactive structures, sharing and guided meditations will help restoring a true and trusting connection with our Inner Child.

Benefit of the course - what you will gain from participating
This course offers the possibility to recognize and reconcile two aspects of who we are, the adult and the child within us, so that we can be in a better adequacy with the world around us. It is also an opportunity to heal the wounds that the child in us carries.
You will gain…

  • Understanding of what this work is about and what it implies
  • A healthier connection with your emotional world
  • Self-confidence, spontaneity and aliveness
  • A more loving and playful attitude towards yourself

When understanding and acceptance arise, healing follows naturally.

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Words of their Experience

Olga - Bucharest - Romania

«I discovered something that I was not aware of before - that I did not wanted to see some parts in me, some aspects of myself that I considered tabou, not good. Now I can be more at ease with what comes up from inside of me. There was also a lot of confusion in my mind. Now I see more clearly the path I want to travel on. During these 3 days, I gained confidence and some clarity about me, about who I am.»

Jamy - Shanghai - China

«It made a difference to me when I reconnected with my inner child; something inside felt more whole, complete. I now know what direction I need to take.»

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