Being the Source

Being the Source

« Whip, rope, person, and bull - all merge in No-Thing.
This heaven is so vast no message can stain it.
How may a snowflake exist in a raging fire?
Here are the footprints of the patriarchs. »

Chan master Kakuan, excerpted from: The 10 Bulls of Zen

To stay in contact day after day with the same question; for instance: « What is life? » enables directly experiencing what life is as well as a letting go of pre-conceived ideas and beliefs that we have regarding what life is. A profound de-identification takes place which opens the space to… the reality of what is.
In tune with your intuition or with what feels more appropriate for you, you’ll be able to choose one of the question from the list below and…. why not, directly experience the truth of it and be the answer!

Who is In? - Who am I? - What am I?
What is my true nature?
What is another? - What is life?
What is love? – What is sexuality? - What is beauty?
What is truth? – What is trust? - What is freedom?
What is relaxation? - What is consciousness?

Tackling any of these questions is signing up for a new exploration, it is about going from the false to the truth, going beyond body-mind identification where no-thing is left to experience, where all has disappeared, were 'I' is no more and only awareness or existence is.

« Be what you are
Don’t meditate - Be
Don’t think that you are - Be
Don’t think about being - you Are »

Ramana Maharshi

What is the format of this intensive?
The 7-day awareness intensive is structured in the same way as all other awareness intensive retreats with a silent retreat format which includes isolation (no physical contact). The same schedule and the same structured arrangement of communication sessions, active meditations and silent activities is taking place throughout the day. Yet a more important part is given to rest and silent activities.
Length is an important factor as it keeps the participants in a solid connection with their intention and their longing for truth, thus bringing a valuable support to their enquiry. And when lived, the direct experience lingers much longer, its frequency increases which generates a deeper anchoring in the reality of what is.

Benefit of the intensive - what you will gain from participating
Participating in a 7-day intensive enables aspects of personality to come to light and be left aside for what they are, understanding that we are not that. Deepening the connection with true nature helps ease its access in daily life.
You will gain

  • Relaxed awareness
  • Freedom, Aliveness and Contentment
  • A better adequacy with who you are and what drives you
  • The experience of ‘Simply Being’ with the simple joy that comes with it

Your commitment, your wholeheartedness to the task at hand will set the pace for your harvest!

The Upcoming Events page will tell you when and where the next one is scheduled

Words of their Experience

Julien - Roanne - France

«This group was for me an experience that went quite beyond my expectations, beyond all that I knew up to now. An experience that literally blew out my mind and all the ideas that I had around fear and trust! It was a journey into the unknown – what will the next moment reveal? It was moving into the unknown, moment to moment. Working with the instruction, “tell me what trust is” day after day was also not easy for me. Fear and insecurities quickly showed up and it was right in the middle of a moment where I did not know, where I was totally blank, not knowing, that the experience of trust suddenly blew me. The next moment all fear disappeared, I was trust, bathing in a sensation of well-being, of warmth. Everything was perfect, even what was not perfect. There was nothing to change; a smile was beaming across my face.»

Nandan - Sidney - Australia

«The first time I did a 3-day awareness intensive, I had a deep curiosity, a deep need to go inside and find out what was there. I loved the intensity of the process – a whole group of people on the same inner search. It was the beginning of a much deeper look at myself and the start of my meditative process. Two years later, I participated in the 7-day awareness intensive with many people I knew. It was more intense to expose myself and tell these friends how I was feeling. To be honest at the risk of losing friends helped me find my truth. I see koans like a spiral process. I start answering from the mind until it gets fed up and then I continue downwards until I hit the centre and once I hit the centre I have to start again because each moment is different, I'm ever changing. The process never stops. Inside is a feeling of expansion, warmth and wonder. Deep down there is always the question of who is in now, especially when I am confused about something. The koan can pop up at any time. It is not something I drive from my mind; it comes from a deeper place.»

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