The Inner Child Concept Unveiled

The Inner Child Concept Unveiled

« Vitality, Innocence and Joy are our inborn qualities;
Unveiling whatever obstructs our true nature
make us Free. »

Timeless Teachings

As we’ve seen and experienced in the Embracing Our Inner Child stream of courses our adult personality traits are, for most part, the outcome of how we’ve experienced and lived our childhood. This intellectual understanding is however not sufficient to transform inappropriate or unwanted behaviour patterns into suitable ones. An experiential understanding or ‘heart understanding’, is needed for that. And it is towards this heart understanding that these two days are pointing to.

Key points of these two days

♦ Personality versus True Nature
The Vibrant and… Wounded Child
Desire & Refusal - Standing for Ourselves (denial and unfounded beliefs)
The Transformative Trilogy (Restoring a True Connexion)
 Shock, Shame & the 4 siblings feelings
Individual sessions

Unfolding of these 2 days

Day one → Consolidating the understanding about this work
Starting with a brief historical note about how the Inner Child concept came into being, we will continue with looking at how the work with the Inner Child concept is actually part of the larger context of our human nature and then move on into more detailed information about the different structures used in this context and their purpose.

Day two → The Importance of Feelings & expressing safely
Feelings and their expression take up a large part of a child’s life; we will consider how feelings can be dealt with in the context of the Inner Child concept as well as within individual sessions.
Dedicated times for sharing experiences as well as for questions and answers will also be provided during these 2 days.

Benefit of the course - what you will gain from participating
Besides acquiring a more thorough understanding of the Inner Child concept in its different aspects and thus gain easiness in facilitating this process, your ability to support others on this path will becomes more efficient.
And… last but not least, this training introduction can also become the dawn of a new era in your life.
You will gain…

  • Clarity about how to introduce this work to your clients
  • An easiness in authentically communicating about the Inner Child process
  • A strengthened self-confidence in facilitating the Inner Child process

Innocence is wisdom and when innocence, rather than our controlling mind, guides us in life, everything becomes possible, inventiveness and creativity starts flowing.

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