Innocence Regained

Innocence Regained

« Innocence means childlike wonder, awe.
Innocence is the door, the more innocent you become,
the more existence becomes beautiful. »

Osho, excerpted from: The Book of Wisdom

As seen and experienced in Connecting with Our Inner Child and in Cooling the Flames, our attitude in life, our beliefs and our conditionings are all based on the way we perceived our environment as a child. The child that we once were had to face situations he could not really cope with, let along integrate. Moreover, he often missed the support, the love, the encouragement and the recognition he was entitled to receive from his parents.
In order to restore our innocence we will use a ‘transformative trilogy’: recognizing what is, accepting that this is the case and expressing what needs to be expressed. By doing so, the reconnection with our inner child will consolidate and consequently put an end to these inner conflicts that we have been experiencing up to now.

Course content
Starting from the reality of what is to gently move towards that which calls to being seen; these childhood wounds and heartbreaks and looking at them with the light of our awareness, of our loving care, will gently melt and heal their impact on our psyche.

Day one → Consolidating the connection with our inner child
Kindness and understanding are the two sides of a true connection. Drawing, writing, playful structures and sharing will support and consolidate this connection.

Day two → Recognizing the Fear, Desire and Longings of our inner child
Fear, desire and longing play an important part in a child’s life, yet we need to be able to recognize them for what they are and express them. Writing, sharing, group exercises and active meditations will ease this recognition and their expression.

Day three → The Desire to be Loved - Standing for Ourselves
As a child we often loose our integrity by saying ‘yes’ even when our heart screams ‘no’, simply because we so much need to be loved. Guided meditation, inner dialogue together with group exercises will support a heart connection and help regain this lost integrity.

Day four → Innocence Regained
When the heart is at peace, a quality of innocence prevails; individuality is born with, in its wake, a sense of freedom.

Benefit of the course - what you will gain from participating
This last step of the Embracing the Inner Child stream will bring you back to your authenticity, to your strength and your aliveness; a ‘yes’ to the one that you are.
You will gain

  • The energy and the vitality that was lost
  • A sense of being real and true to yourself
  • An increased easiness in authentically communicating your needs
  • An ability to recognize your values and what, for you, is important
  • A joy that does not depends on any outside elements

Innocence is wisdom and when innocence, rather than our controlling mind, guides us in life, everything becomes possible, inventiveness and creativity starts flowing.

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Words of their Experience

Lin Su - Taichung - Taiwan

«Connecting with the inner child was something new for me, in these four days I discovered how much this child in me needs love, affection and support. I laughed a lot during this course, just expressing myself in a childlike way. It was a beautiful and sensitive experience. Thank you.»

Cho Chan - Shenzhen - China

«Moving through the different structures proposed during the course was not always easy for me; it triggered insecurity and shame. Yet I was able to enjoy the playfulness of being a child again. And that is great!»

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