Who am I?

A ‘Life Passionate' being!

Passionate for this life that animates us, that is breathing us.

Born in Orleans, France in 1950, I started, from my teen-age days, to be interested, in what I was then naming: ‘The Truth’.
Very soon I became enthusiastic about ‘the Search’, the search for ‘Truth’. This ‘search’ became my main centre of attention and I was dedicating most of my free time for it. Following my father’s footsteps I was seeking it within freemasonry, a philosophical school. However, life and its challenges brought me to understand that ‘Truth’ is neither a concept nor something that one can find by reading books or attending lectures, even those from sages or spiritual masters but is to be discovered or better, ‘experienced’ within one’s own being, in a ‘here-now’ always accessible.

Intellectual values and concepts could not replace a lived experience; my heart was longing for a lived truth. Zen and Advaïta prepared the ground for this experience to take place.
This question: ‘Who Am I?’ was with me for many years until one day an answer emerged by itself while looking at a fly on a table in front of me.
We were Love; nothing else existed.
Only many years later, as the chiselling work on this ‘me’ that I thought I was, was being integrated, I came to a deeper experience of ‘Love’ and then realised that ‘Love’ is one of the qualities of our true nature. And maybe it is not a coincidence if at some point on this path I received the Sanskrit name of: “Prem Rakendra”, which can be translated as: ‘full moon of love’.
It is this ‘Love for Life’, for the life that we are that sustains my actions and that I endeavour to let shine wherever existence takes me. 


This search for identity through personal growth works and Self-enquiry in different forms brought me to experience what I would name: ‘Relaxed Awareness’.

This experience made me understand and integrate that truth is forever here-now, constantly present in each moment, whatever the environment. Being aware of this present moment, being this present moment is our True Nature.
While walking on this transformation path the flame of a passion for Life arose, this Life that we are. And it is this passion which compels me to share; with whoever is interested, opening to our interiority/intimacy workshops, the door to the open space of objectless consciousness. The individual sessions that I propose are also in this perspective.

On 'The Way', many awakened ones helped to fill this heart-longing, giving rise to gratitude and a bowing down; gratitude to be on this path, a path that allows me to live closest to my true nature. Bowing down to existence and to all those who helped me along ‘The Way’.
I also feel fortunate and privileged to be able to share this 'passionate love affair' with others.
After many years of leaving in different countries I’ve chosen to settle in a small village in Brittany, France, from where I continue to travel to different countries where I can share my passion for this transformation and self-enquiry work, the access door to this other dimension of ourselves that we are, this Relaxed Awareness and Individuality.