World Wide Links

World Wide Links

Awareness Intensives and/or Enlightenment Intensives are offered worldwide. To find out more about a particular area, click on one of the website listed below. The list below is by no means exhaustive, other possibilities exists for you to discover. 

He started it all... always re-directing his students towards enquiring 'Who is asking the question?" Namaste Ramana

Charles Berner created the Enlightenment Intensive, a process that is used today world-wide to seek the truth by conscious, direct knowledge.

Lawrence Noyes - Enlightenment Intensives in Ontario, Canada

A team dedicated to serve the enlightenment intensive process in France

Turiya offers opportunities for everyone to cultivate their own garden and move on their way towards greater freedom and greater awareness.

Leela and Anahato have created a space for retreats where one can practice traditional Vipassana meditation combined with Osho active meditations. Their retreats are specifically designed for our fast-paced 21st Century lifestyle.

Ed Riddle - Enlightenment Intensives and Dogzen practice in the Usa - many other links to sites offering EI in Usa and Canada

Osha Reader - (Hopi word for peace) - Dyad meditation retreat & Love Intensives in California

Barry & Emma Mc Guiness - Enlightenment intensives in United Kingdom

Meditation courses & Awareness Intensives in Odessa, Ukraine.