Cooling the Flames

Cooling the Flames

« Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal
with the intent of throwing it at someone else;
you are the one who gets burned. »


As a child, our expression of feelings and emotions is often held back due to educational pressure from family members and/or school environment; consequently we learn to repress our feelings not knowing that this will have important impact and consequences on our self-esteem, on our vitality and on our creativity.
Being able to say ‘no’, to take a stand, is fundamental to the development of a human being. Existence has gifted us with this tremendous ability of being able to say ‘no’ in various ways and this is what we will explore in this step two of the Embracing Our Inner Child series.
This 3-day course: ‘Cooling the Flames’ is more oriented towards recognizing and expressing what has been repressed, the unspoken resentments, the lies, yet also and mainly, the fears, the anger, the shock and the frozenness; the four main emotional states that are the everyday life of a child. 

Course content
We will look at how these four main feelings: Fear, Anger, Numbness and Shock play an important part in a child’s life and how expressing them without restriction for what they are, within a safe environment and can be fruitful and bring redress and contentment.

Day one → Understanding what this is all about
Talks, interactive structures and guided meditations will support our journey into understanding what these feelings are and their purpose in our lives.

Day two → Expressing safely
With active meditation, interactive structures and sharing we will explore healthy ways to release and express these feelings.

Day three → Restoring a true relationship
Fear, Anger and Numbness are often a cover-up for other feelings and once these surface feelings are released and expressed for what they are, our hearts can re-open to other feelings that are there, longing to manifest themselves.

Benefit of the course - what you will gain from participating
This course offers a supportive and non-judgmental environment within which participants will be able to understand the dynamics behind these four feelings as well as ways to safely express them in order to regain self-confidence, spontaneity and vitality together with a joy of being which does not depend on anyone or anything.
You will gain…

  • Clarity about what your feelings are and the part that they play in our life
  • Easiness in releasing and expressing feelings safely
  • More fruitful ways of relating and communicating with others
  • Freedom to be yourself as you let go of the bondage of repressed or unexpressed feelings.

Cooling the Flames, step two of the Embracing Our Inner Child stream of courses is suitable for anyone with a sincere desire to live a more harmonious life; a life lived light-heartedly, in joy, love and wisdom.

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Words of their Experience

Sergei - Rostov - Russia

«This group helped me discovering new ways of being with myself. I became more aware of my dark sides, of my emotions. I could accept myself in a new way, be more loving, more respectful towards me. I also discovered that I could express my emotions in new creative ways; in dancing for instance I could express sadness and frustration. I am very grateful for taking part in this course and thankful to the facilitator and the organizer.»

Jenny - Chengdu - China

«These three days helped me connect more clearly with a ‘negative' aspect of myself and with the power to say ‘no'. I felt the strength of this ‘no' is in and how liberating it was to say no'. Thank you for this ‘yes' to my ‘no'.»

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