Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions

« There are things that we never want to let go off.
However, bear in mind that letting go is not the end of the world.
It is the beginning of a new life. »

Zen Teaching

…The dissolving of an issue or a blockage takes place when we consciously make a step towards that issue, that underlying pain and trustingly open to what it is. Yet, to manifest, trust needs a non-judgmental listening, a being heard, a being seen and recognized in what we are.
When trust is present, the knots of the heart start to untie. When the process of clarification of our beliefs, of our preconceived ideas, of our usual thought patterns is engaged, understanding takes place and a de-identification emerges, opening the door to individuality.
True understanding comes from the heart, not from the mind. Understanding from the heart is not only deeper than intellectual understanding but also more efficient and when the heart understands, you feel relieved of a weight, of a tension, of a burden and the mind quietens giving way to clarity, to knowing, to awareness. You also fell touched because you have met a part of you that had not been seen before, which had been ignored.
It is this presence in the here and now, the understanding of what a true communication is and my own experience that I offer to those who would like to face themselves and move from entanglement, dependency and unhappiness into regaining fluidity, easiness and the joy of simply being.

What will you gain by taking a session?

People usually gain a clearer understanding of their issue and of their mind's way of functioning
Self-confidence and a more loving and trusting attitude towards oneself start emerging
Individual sessions help you gain independency, freedom of choice. The tools that you acquire enable you to walk the way, standing on your own two feet, in your own integrity
After a few sessions, you notice that your life starts flowing; aliveness, creativity and joy become your daily companion

How to proceed - how many sessions?
Sessions are available in different formats according to your need and availability. They generally are of one hour or one and a half hour and are conducted in English* or French*.
The number of sessions depends on what you wish to achieve or resolved. It is more your intuition than your mind that needs to guide you in this decision.

If you require a translator, please let me know in advance so that it can be arranged. Do note that the translator is also committed to confidentiality about your session. His fee will be added to the session fee.

1-hour or 1 and a half hour framed session
For those who can only spare a little time at a time and yet would like to clarify an issue or a conflict that hinders them in daily life or simply come to a better understanding of what is happening for them in their life.

Open ended session
Unwinding an issue can take time and does not necessarily fit within a pre-agreed time frame. Everyone has a different pace; therefore it is what is happening for the person that regulates the session’s duration. The session ends when the person feels that the issue is resolved or when she senses that a true understanding has occurred or that ‘it is enough for today’.

Series of sessions
Giving ourselves the time and the space to go beyond the superficial layers to enter the core of an issue that calls for clarification or that we want to let go of is a gift that we can give to ourselves.

On line Sessions
On line sessions are a possible alternative for those who are far away or cannot make it to where I am staying. Skype, Zoom or WeChat are useful ways to dissolve the distance barriers to keep walking the Way.

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Words of their Experience

Diana - Shanghai - China

«Thank you for helping me sorting out the confusion that I was caught in, it truly helped me seeing how I act in the different aspects of my relationship. Clarity is what I most gained from this session.»

Aruna - Khabarovsk - Russia

«Even though I had worked so many times on this issue of being trapped in anger for small things, I could not allow myself to recognize and feel the pain that was underneath. With your loving support, I could access that part of me that experienced the hurt and let go of some of the pain. I know that there is more to let go of and that I will have to go through this pain but at least now I am more aware of what the foundation of my anger is, and use this in my daily life to not be so helpless as I was before when anger was striking in. Thank you Rakendra.»

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