Awareness Intensive Training

Awareness Intensive Training

« Barefooted and naked of breast, I mingle with the people of the world.
My clothes are ragged and dust-laden, and I am ever blissful.
I use no magic to extend my life;
Now, before me, the dead trees become alive. »

Chan master Kakuan, excerpted from: The 10 Bulls of Zen

Systematic and comprehensive, this training will awaken the facilitator in you. It will give you all the necessary tools to understand better and easily facilitate the 3-day awareness intensive process. Practice sessions as well as individual guidance for each trainee will help gain confidence in presenting the awareness intensive as well as to give feedback and direction to participants.

Key points of this training

  • With specific structured exercises understand and assimilate at a deeper level the uniqueness of the awareness intensive communication technique.
  • Grasp what a sound communication cycle is.
  • Master the different aspects of the intensive and learn how to facilitate the active meditations.
  • Gain easiness in conducting the awareness intensive individual interviews.
  • Develop skills to respond to the many and various situations that arise in awareness intensives.
  • Acquire a hands-on experience as an assistant during the 3-day awareness intensive included in this training.
  • Become acquainted with the ethics of this process and its specific set of agreements as well as ways to organize awareness intensives.

The most difficult part in any training, whatever the topic is, is the first steps that follow the training. Implementing what was learned during the training can be overwhelming at first. To ease these first steps, a 3-day* awareness intensive is embedded in the training. This gives you an opportunity to jump in the heart of the matter while being supervised and supported in your new endeavor.
(*) This 3-day awareness intensive is open to everyone and has the same configuration as all awareness intensives. 

How the training unfolds
Day One to Day Three diner time → The first training steps
Each day, teaching aids, practice exercises, sharing time and active meditations will alternate to set the pace to the learning.

DayThree evening to Day Six diner time → Hands on experience
The 3-day awareness intensive included in the training will be an opportunity for you as a trainee to alternate assisting and participating.

  • As an assistant, you will gain a better overview of what the awareness intensive retreat implies. You will facilitate different structures of the intensive and expand your ability to respond to the many and various situations that arises during an intensive.
  • As a participant, with your newly acquired understanding of the awareness intensive communication technique, you will have the opportunity to deepen your own search.

Day Seven to Day Height  → Consolidating your training
The training will resume with a feedback on the experience of being an assistant during the intensive. Appropriate teaching aids, practice exercises, sharing time and active meditations will then continue until the last day when integration dyads will formally close the training.

After Day Height → Flying on your own with a post training support
After this basic training comes the possibility to facilitate awareness intensives on your own. This often raises many questions and sometimes insecurities too!
Therefore the training includes a follow up support during the first intensives that you will facilitate, either with direct supervision if you feel the need for it or by ways of questions & answers. It is often beneficial to share one’s doubts, one’s questioning during and after the intensive. This can take place within a physical meeting or by ways of communication medias, whatever best fit the situation.

Benefit of the training - what you will gain from participating
Besides acquiring the needed tools to facilitate 3-day awareness intensive retreats, the understanding that you have of yourself and the way you are functioning in life will be enriched. Your ability to facilitate awareness intensives and support fellow travelers on this path will be more efficient.
And… last but not least, this training can also become the dawn of a new era in your life.

Are there any prerequisite?
Only one → before taking part in this training, participating in at least one 3-day awareness intensive retreat is required.
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Words of their Experience

Khushru - Linz - Austria

«Right after this awareness intensive I felt myself being very fragile, very much like a crystal, very beautiful, but also fragile. I recognized that I had to be very gentle with myself. Being gentle with myself meant for me making use of this deeper understanding and awareness of myself that I gathered during these 3 days. It meant that I could immediately notice, when something that I did, said or wanted, did not really match with what my inner-being wanted to do, say or go for. Still I found myself again not listening to my inner voice, but when asking myself something like "Is this really what I want right now?" I can at least become aware of the split that such a situation creates in me. This is especially true in relating with others. I can suddenly watch from which inner motivation I moved into the communication with another. When I act out of neediness and expectation, it didn't feel right and nourishing at all. However, if I only follow a true desire for sharing and connecting with a person, it becomes very beautiful and spontaneous. Therefore, in this watching myself, I suddenly have a choice of what I want to do and after asking myself "Who is in?" I more often than normally follow my true inner voice.»

Smaran - Exeter - England

«Deep gratitude, especially for what I personally received while participating. I am very grateful for all I learned while assisting you, both in how you work, what you taught, and in gradually learning to be more invisible as a helper rather than offering participants any alternative energy or view. Thank you for all I learned while being with you and helping. Feeling gratitude and emotion.»

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