A Zest of Self-enquiry

A Zest of Self-enquiry

« Self-realization is effortless.
What you are trying to find is what you already are. »

Ramesh Balsekar

A Zest of Self-enquiry is an opportunity for newcomers to enter the world of self-enquiry and for others to continue and deepen their self-exploration. Self-enquiry, as proposed here, is a tool, a device that intuitively leads to awareness of what is, a key to bring ‘who we truly are’ into the foreground of our lives so that living our true nature can become a reality.

The unfolding of the day
The day starts with a short introductory talk about what self-enquiry is and what it can lead to, followed by an introduction to the self-enquiry method used during this awareness event and all awareness intensive retreats. The rest of the day is dedicated to practice with communication exercises, guided meditations and silent activities interwoven to create a flow of inward and outward energy. At the end of the day, a time is set for questions & answers.

Benefit of the day - what you will gain from participating
With this self-enquiry key, understanding who and what you are clarifies from a lived experience rather than from a process of thinking. Experience, rather than intellectual knowledge becomes your guide.
You will gain…

  • A strengthened self-confidence
  • Freed from the bond of judgements, your viewpoint is enlarged and enriches
  • Your capacity to communicate becomes effortless

For more information on this self-enquiry method and its related components see: About Awareness Intensive and/or the FAQ page.

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Words of their Experience

Rosalind - Bristol - England

«In these few hours I could connect with my ability to trust, trust in me, and trust that what I am experiencing is ok, trust in life in general. Thank you Rakendra for creating such a space.»

Deva - Lexington - Usa

«I've only participated in the awareness intensive evening events. All my fears and judgments were magnified in those two hours. I walked out feeling that two hours is a good start but not enough and that the process would continue in me for a while. The following week I joined the evening event again. This time I jumped right in and after peeling away layers of conditioning and masks, I suddenly experienced it – I saw who was in. I felt a deep silence in me and I was overwhelmed by the simplicity of my discovery. I felt so much gratitude for the process, the facilitator, my partner, and most of all to myself.»

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