Opening to Intimacy

Opening to Intimacy

« Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it,
What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside. »

Ramana Maharshi

As a follow up to the Embracing Our Inner Child series, this course aim to clear away the confusion and bring a clearer understanding on what ‘life energy’ really is and how sexuality can play its appropriate and healthy part in our lives.
Understanding and experiencing how life energy is at play within us will be the main theme of this course. We will also bring forth issues related to sexuality in order to not only clear a potential confusion, but mainly to dismantle some of the behaviour patterns associated with a misconception of what sexuality is about and for, in order to regain fluidity, vibrancy and joyfulness.

Course content
With talks, interactive structures, guided and active meditations as well as sharing in various formats, this course will be an opportunity to understand, explore and experience different aspects of this life energy to gradually make our way towards a more fulfilling way of living our life energy.

Day one Understanding and exploring life energy
Our energy, our libido is intimately related to energy centres in our body and more specifically to the two centres located in our lower belly area. Regaining fluidity in these centres is an access to strength and to joy.

Day two → Exploring the Root Centre
The active meditations will open the door to our energy flow, to this vitality that we are. The interactive structures will enable us to contact the strength and the vulnerability of this first centre.

Day three Being at ease with our Life Energy
Desire and Fear often play an important part in our lives. Establishing a solid connection with our second centre will allow trust and easiness of being with our life energy.

Benefit of the course - what you will gain from participating
Supported by a non-judgmental environment this 3-day course will help you reconnect with your potentialities and with the joy of living them.
You will gain…

  • The primary benefit will be the experience of living more authentically by stepping out of denial and unfounded beliefs.
  • A sense of freedom, as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders
  • A trusting and flowing connection with your life energy
  • Aliveness and a joy of being that does not depend on anyone

Bringing awareness to our desires, to our fears, to our impulses and to our ways of relating with sexuality will free us from the bondage that we feel with them. It will allow our life energy, our life force to flow and bubble freely, bringing joy and contentment into our life.

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Words of their Experience

Angelina - Bucharest - Romania

«I never knew I had so much sensuousness in me and that it was ok to express it. I feel so yummy… and I want to share this with others. I also connected with my playfulness; I could drop my serious face for a while. That was great! My issues in life became clearer. I could see what prevents me from being happy. »

Evelyn - Basel - Switzerland

«After an active meditation on the 2nd day, I was suddenly thrown into some unknown space to me. As if I was in the back seat of a car and someone else was driving. My body was there, my mind was there but I was not identified with them. I could see them without problems, even though my body started doing some strange movements on its own. After a while I became more at ease with this and could let it be. It was such a wonderful experience and it lasted for few hours. I want more… »

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