Awakening & Meditation

Awakening & Meditation

« Self-realization is effortless.
What you are trying to find is what you already are. »

Ramesh Balsekar

A Zest of Awakening is an opportunity for newcomers to enter the world of spirituality and meditation and for those already familiar with these matters to continue and deepen their understanding and self-exploration.
The aim of this day is to introduce these concepts of Awakening & Meditation by ways of talks and of simple exercises so that the understanding can also be experiential and not only intellectual.

The unfolding of the day

We will start the day by clarifying what awakening is and what meditation is and further on what does it means or implies to awaken and what are the possible obstacles to awakening.

The proposed exercises, either alone or with a partner, will help gain a more down to earth understanding of awakening and meditation.

There will also be specific times for questions and answers. 

For more information on Awakening and Meditation as well as different meditation techniques please see: the FAQ and About Awareness Intensive Retreats page.

The Upcoming Events page will tell you when and where the next one is scheduled.

Words of their Experience

Yang Yang/Irene - Shanghai - China

«I am honoured to write to you about my feedback concerning the meditation course. It's been a whole week since the course. I ask myself, “What have I gained from the course?” In a word, I feel physically exhausted, but mentally relieved. All the meditations are tough for me since it is the first time I have done so; only with persistence and endurance could I complete them to the last moment. Of course, during the process, a sense of hard-at-first-but-easy-at-last has always strongly accompanied me. But for the physical exhaustion, I would not have opened my heart so easily. My life fragments, particularly those in my childhood, which seem to have been away for so long and which from the perspective of my consciousness never to turn up in my life, have risen up from the depths of my heart, bringing me happy and sad memories and most importantly a sudden realization of the source of my thoughts and behaviours as well as those problems troubling me. I feel more and more peaceful. Those I used to hold on so fast become looser. My eyes turn softer. My heart begins to flow. I learn to stay with my emotions, experiencing them and overcoming them, to ask my heart, not my mind, to accept myself, both merits and defects, and equally other people around me. With all those feelings in my consciousness, I don't think to stay peaceful is as difficult as it used to be. Now I live consciously and heart fully aiming at a goal of a balanced state of mind.»

Udara - Hsinchu - Taiwan

«In interview of group, you mentioned about blue sky and clouds. After group I started to notice sky, it became a habit. Every time I look at blue sky, I think of you. Well, you are good looking, hum~~ it's not so bad~~~just a joke!! I am lucky where lived in a subtropics island, can see many different kind of blue sky and clouds. Sometime I enjoyed clear sky, sometime I tried hard to find a slice of blue in cloudy, but they all remind me to aware my inner sky. Recently I got a different vision. In the past, I saw sky from earth, clouds are big and many, the sky look far away from me. That day a thought came into my heart: if I “see” from my inner sky, I suppose I should stand same side with clear blue sky, then how do I look at clouds and everything which happen in earth? I was touched, at that time I was in city bus, but tears couldn't stop. Even though I was emotional but I felt gratitude and humble. I experienced immense sky and my heart was opened. This experience happened several days ago. It's a big change for me and I wanted to share it.»

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