Tuning Into Abundance

Tuning Into Abundance

« Trying to acquire abundance will always keep us in delusion,
tuning into its frequency will reveal its eternal presence. »

Timeless Teachings

When the connexion with our Inner Child is restored, when our Life Energy is integrated, tuning to abundance becomes a child’s play.
Abundance can be seen everywhere we turn our focus on. Life is, in its essence, abundance and nature is by far its most convincing example. Evidence can be seen in the tremendous variety of animal, plants and human beings; in the diversity of landscape, the infinite shades of colours and the myriad of stars.
Abundance is not only everywhere we turn our attention towards, it is also within us. Notice the magnificence of the functioning of our body/mind organism, notice the wide range of our feelings and expressions of emotions and witness the tremendous creativity of our thinking mind.
Intrinsically we are abundance and this is what this course offers, a possibility to tune into this abundance that we are and live daily in contentment.

Course content
We will look at abundance in a new way. By Understanding what abundance really is and by recognizing that abundance starts with me, that I am the creator of my own prosperity or… misfortune. Identifying and dissolving the main barriers that we have created to prevent abundance from flowing will reopen the door to trust in existence, a priceless key to tune into abundance.

Day one → Understanding what Abundance is
Drawing, writing, sharing and active meditation will ease the understanding of the nature of Abundance.

Day two → Dissolving what is in the way
Guilt, shame and mistrust are often the main barriers to abundance. Different exercises, active and guided meditation will help recognizing and dissolving these barriers in us.  

Day three → Trusting Life
Active meditations, individual and group exercises will support establishing a connexion with our trust centre, the Hara.

Day four → Tuning into Abundance
Guided meditation, sharing, dancing and painting will create a supportive milieu for each one to tune into Abundance.

Benefit of the course - what you will gain from participating
Bringing understanding & love for oneself as well as trusting ourselves will enable the locked gates to flung open and freeing the trapped energy will allow our lives to be lived in abundance and contentment.
You will gain…

  • Understanding about the barriers that are preventing abundance to flow in your life
  • The ability to be trusting
  • Clarity about how to tune into abundance
  • An enriched life as the veil that keeps you separate from abundance is dispelled

Tuning into Abundance is suitable for anyone with a sincere desire to live a more harmonious life; a life lived light-heartedly, in joy, love and wisdom.

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Words of their Experience

Zhu Hui - Huzhou - China

«This March, I had this wish to attend a workshop and by chance I came to Rakendra's Abundance workshop. I was very anxious and nervous in the first day, until I had the very close eye contact with Rakendra. I felt like I was bathed in the first ray of sunshine in the spring when everything on earth is coming back to life. Even now I could still feel the warmth of his eye expression. This light shined into my heart and melts all my uneasiness and anxiety away. My eyes got wet immediately and there was a sense of touching and moving flowing inside me! After the 4-day course, the door inside of me which was covered with heavy dust got opened lightly. Though I still couldn'd see very clearly what's going on inside, I gained the courage and energy to explore it! Rakendra is like a huge mirror, and in him I see myself more clearly. In his course, there was no obscure spiritual wording which we couldn't understand or mysterious teaching way! He used a very simple and direct way to let me walk deeply into the dark corners inside myself and teach me to accept and love myself as who I am with compassion. Thank you so much Rakendra!»

Xiaodan Zheng - Hangzhou - China

«I want to say that from teacher Rakendra, I see natural, simple, kind-hearted, innocent, transparent, warm, smart, wideness, generous, powerful, abundant, happy, healthy, gentle, loving, all these great qualities could gather in one person. This is also what the course teaches us. When we get connected with our deep inner self, we could live simply, happily and with abundance! It is these courses that lead me to the road of love.»

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